Notary Service

One of the most frequent questions which law offices in Thailand are asked is: “Do you have a Notary Public Service” or “Can I get a document certified by Notary Public in your law office?”

Those questions are asked both by foreigners and Thai people who have contract or business with a foreigner.

In many countries, a Notary Public is a special kind of lawyer with a license to perform specific work, i.e. to authenticate a document, or to witness an affidavit or the statement of any person under oath. The Notary Public provides a very useful service in that when a person receives a notarized document, affidavit or statement, he will recognize it as being authentic because it has been certified by a licensed neutral person who guarantees the document. A document that has been certified by a Notary Public is likewise recognized by government and other official agencies.

Even though there is no Notary Public System in Thailand, the Thai Law Society has tried to solve this problem by establishing the Registry of Signature and Document Attestation to train lawyers, who will perform the duty to certify signatures and documents, these are named Notarial Services Attorneys; and also Notarial Services Attorneys are registered for the purpose of verification.

The Thai Law Society has also notified the foreign embassies in Thailand concerning the roles and the duties of the registered Thai Notarial Services Attorneys, which should be accepted at an international level until Thailand establishes a formal Notary Public System.

ABC Asian Legal Service Co., Ltd. has a Notarial Services Attorney registered with the Thai Law Society and we can provide the following services: Attestation to the Authenticity of signatures Certification of copies of passport, house registration , Thai ID card, certified photo of a person, Attestation of Fact, Oaths, Testimonies, and Affidavits, Protest, Documents and Assets keeping, Statement attached to documents, Attestation of address, witness, Confirmation of birth day, certified correct translation, share transfer agreements and others.