ABC Group of Companies

"ABC Group of Companies", consisting of the companies ABC Asian Business Consulting Co. Ltd., ABC Asian Legal Service Co. Ltd., and ABC Asian Business Development Co. Ltd., has been offering its clients a comprehensive service in the three main areas of legal advice, management consultancy and project development since 2000.

The company, under the management of the Managing Director, Mr. Helmut Buchberger, employs a team of experienced staff, who have both the appropriate education and many years of professional experience. Among them are two Thai lawyers specialized in civil and criminal law, accountants, and also employees with the best knowledge necessary for the purchase and sale of real estate, vehicles, as well as construction permits, work permits, visa matters, inheritance matters, licenses, etc.

In the 20 plus years providing our services, we have been able to assist many of our clients in sometimes difficult cases and have solved problems in both legal and other areas. Due to good contacts in countries in Asia, Europe and Australia we were and are able to offer a reliable service.

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