The lawyers of ABC Asian Legal Service Co., Ltd. can assist in the legal entities in settling the commercial disputes and reaching an agreement before the trial.

Mediation is one of the alternative dispute resolutions for the companies wishing to avoid long litigation procedure. It is commonly used for business disputes related to financial matters, construction contracts and sales agreements. It is a confidential, informal, non-adversarial procedure designed to bring the parties to an amicable settlement of disputes.
After all statement of claims, statement of defense and counter claims or answer to counter claims has been filed; the mediation centre of the Civil Court will arrange a meeting with all parties. Mediation involves a neutral mediator, who helps the parties to communicate and to reach the mutually acceptable agreement. The parties select the language of the proceedings with assistance available to foreigners for proceedings conducted in Thai. Mediation gives the parties possibility to save time and court costs, keep the privacy and lessen the confrontation in the dispute.

If the parties can reach a settlement, justice may be appointed to render an award on agreed terms or a consent award and make an agreed judgment. If, however, a settlement can’t be obtained during this meeting, the parties will enter into the civil proceedings.