Export from Thailand

Export from Thailand is very attractive, whereas the industry is good developed and innovative. Many companies around the globe have already discovered the advantages of exporting goods produced in this beautiful South-Eastern country. Thailand export operations proceed with a minimum of regulation which is liberal, and just a few items are under restriction for export. To have the successful export operations, the buyers need the assistance of the specialists. Also, export of some items requires a special license from the state authorities. Export operations are regulated by the Export and Import of Goods Act and the Export Promotion Act. As the economy of Thailand is very diversified into quite strong industrial sectors, Thai exporter has plenty of offers for foreign partners. Besides that, many of Thai producers and exporters are ISO-certified, that confirms their high standards.

Export from Thailand is especially strong in the following segments:

  • Computes & accessories, other electronic items. Thailand is the largest HDD’s producer around the globe.
  • Automotive & auto parts.
  • Chemical industries, especially in rubber and plastic productions. Thailand is world number 1 producer of natural rubber.
  • Agriculture. Thailand is one of the top producer of rice, and one of the world’s top exporters of sugar, tapioca, maize and canned pineapples.
  • Seafood. Thailand is one of the world’s leaders in export of canned tuna, iced fish, shrimps and prawns.
  • Furniture.
  • Clothing and textile.
  • Gems and jewelry.

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