ABC Asian Business Consulting Co., Ltd. can provide you the optimal solutions for finding the reliable financial sources needed for your business. Analysis of your potential financial partners as well as the projects you are about to undertake will help your business. Our services include analysis of your potential source of finance for its bona fide, the contracts and agreements you are about to conclude, your financial strategy, taxation, risks and other legal issues for your financial operations.

Not long time ago, the foreigners were banned from borrowing money in Thailand for many purposes. But within the last years the situation has improved and aliens have received the possibilities to use the different financial instruments in Thailand. However, it’s still difficult and riskily for foreigners to receive a loan form Thai banks. These loans are expensive and local banks mostly refuse the foreigners with loans. Foreigners mostly rely on private loans.

We can help you with making the process of your financing in Thailand faster, easier and reliable. We can also assist you in making the best choice among various financial options and to reduce your risks to a minimum.