Import to Thailand

ABC Asian Business Consulting Co., Ltd. can serve as the agent between you and Thai importers. We can assist you in finding potential buyer for your goods in Thailand. We can calculate all the taxes and duties you have to pay in Thailand importing your stuff. We can also verify business reputation and paying capacity of potential importer in Thailand. If you are not sure what to import to Thailand, we can make a marketing research for you.

To import something to Thailand may be quite difficult as long as the customs procedures are complicated and the customs duties may be quiet high. Also, the perspective of import depends on its government estimation. Regarding each type of product imported and in every particular case of import our specialists have to make the conclusion. There are some import positions that may be considered by the Ministry of Commerce of Thailand as those that need the special licenses for import. These restrictions are prescribed for the products of foreign original that may create the direct competition with local goods. Also, dangerous items, food, cosmetics, medical goods require import license as well.

The main products that Thailand imports are:

  • Machinery and parts to them.
  • Electronic integrated circuits.
  • Crude oil and different types of fuel.
  • Iron and steel.
  • Chemicals.
  • Some food items like flour, starch, jams, olives, alcohol.