ABC Asian Business Consulting Co., Ltd. can assist you with every aspect of investing including strategy, structure, implementation and ongoing portfolio management. We can provide you with legal issues regarding the investment process in general as well as in certain areas of industry and services. Our assistance will help you to make your investments maximum profitable and effective.

Thailand is a country attractive enough for foreign investors and is a major investment base in the ASEAN region. As per official data, within the first half of 2012 the amount of foreign direct investment to Thailand was 278,5 billion Baht, that is 66,5% more than for the same period of 2011. Even though Thailand’s investment regulations are quite liberal, there are some restrictions for foreign investments in some segments of economy.

Foreign investment in Thailand is generally governed by the Foreign Business Act, Alien Employment Act and Investment Promotion Act. Other matters associated with foreign investment are prescribed under various statutes and regulations, such as immigration law, exchange controls, import and export regulations and Stock Exchange regulations. The Investment Promotion Act offers various investment incentives to foreign and domestic investment considered useful to the social and economic development of Thailand.

Providing investment consulting services, we are eager to meet the investment needs of each client individually. We understand that one's objectives for income and growth can vary widely. All our recommendations are based on a thorough review of the client's financial needs and the legal opportunities for these needs. Therefore, the first step in the investment consulting process is to meet with the client, determine the nature of his objectives and develop a portfolio structure that will meet these requirements.