ABC Asian Business Consulting Co., Ltd. can provide you the services of negotiator support for the negotiations with your existing and potential Thai partners. Our professional negotiators are familiar with Thai business culture and etiquette and they are fluent in both English and Thai. Our services include the participation in negotiations, advices that will help you to build the best strategy for negotiations and to get the positive results from communications.

Foreigners and Thais speak different languages, both literally and figuratively. Some people try to solve this issue by themselves, but others, who appreciate own time and other resources, prefer to engage the professional negotiators. This is especially important in Thailand, where the barriers between the parties of communications are much difficult to overcome than anywhere in Europe or America. Foreigners doing or intent to do business in Thailand quite often face the problems of cultural misunderstandings, as well as language barriers.

Not so many foreigners that have business interests in Thailand are familiar with Thai casual and business etiquette. Many of those methods that bring the successful result to businessmen in Western countries are unsuccessful in Thailand. The successful communication with your Thai partners has to be based on the things like patience, emotions control, Thai society hierarchy understanding, culture respect and importance of good interpersonal relationships.