Any foreigner overstaying his visa in the Kingdom of Thailand for a longer period will be banned from re-entering the country for a specific time!

If you report yourself to the Immigration authorities the penalty will be less severe:

Overstaying of more than 90 days = 1 year; more than 1 year = 3 years, more than 3 years = 5 years, more than 5 years = 10 years being banned from re-entering,

When arrested and prosecuted penalties are tough:

Overstaying less than 1 year comes with 5 years and more than 1 year with a 10 years re-entry ban and heavy fines.


A new law prohibiting apartment owners from overcharging tenants for electricity and water took effect Tuesday in a move to ensure lease contracts are fair. 

The law requires landlords to charge electricity and water fees at the standard rates set by utility authorities. For electricity, it is 3.90 baht a unit and tap water 7 baht a unit. 

The utility fee regulation is governed by the Consumer Protection Act passed in February. 

Landlords are not allowed to collect rent deposits more than one month in advance. Also, if tenants are behind on their rent, the landlords cannot resort to punitive action by locking the tenants' rooms without their consent.